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Finance has been slow to reach tropical regions that are striving for forest, community and climate-smart development, encumbering their progress on these goals. TFC is a set of tools designed to make it easy and safe for companies and investors to partner with these regions, providing the support they need to advance their sustainability agendas

Tropical Forest Champions Advantages

Champion governments will receive positive publicity and marketing, access to technical assistance, support to streamline and clarify regulatory processes, as well as lower risks of attack from environmental advocacy campaigns, making them safer and more attractive for buyers, investors and donors to do business in

Champions achievements

TFC is designed to support entire jurisdictions at every stage in their transition to forest, community and climate friendly development
  • Champions are signatories to the Rio Branco Declaration, which states that the goal of reducing deforestation 80% by 2020 will only be possible with external help, namely, adequate and sufficient finance and partnerships with corporations
  • Champions have have time-bound, quantitative targets focused on sustainable agriculture and on social issues (including benefit-sharing, rights, engagement, improving livelihoods, etc.)
  • Mato Grosso and Acre have MRV platforms documenting progress of its state rural development strategy
  • Integrated Low Emission Rural Development (LED-R) strategy Champions already have or are developing jurisdiction-wide strategies that broadly address causes of land-based emissions across sectors & incorporate a range of critical elements (including targets, MRV, incentives, etc.).
  • Performance targets Most Champions have time-bound, quantitative targets related to reducing deforestation and/or emissions from deforestation & degradation.
  • Measurement, reporting and verification MRV Nearly all Champions have MRV systems under development or in place.
  • Multi-stakeholder governance Recent or ongoing multi-stakeholder processes relevant to LED-R exist in several Champion's regions. Several Champions have initiatied representative multi-stakeholder processes to engage diverse communities in the implementation of LED-R strategies.
  • Finance Finance has been slow to reach most jurisdictions, making this one of the weakest elements in terms of progress to jurisdictional sustainability.
Results on deforestation and avoided emissions comming soon
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The TFC approach

To become and remain “Champions”, governments must meet simple, minimum requirements for Commitment, Actions and Results as incremental steps


  • Requirement: A formal, public statement of commitment from the government to slow the loss and/or speed the recovery of forests across the entire jurisdiction
  • Timeline: A Commitment confers [2] years of Champion status, which can be extended through Actions


  • Required Actions See more
    • Define goals: Time-bound goals [through 2030] supported by multiple sectors for forests, climate (GHG emissions), agricultural production and social issues
    • Jurisdiction-Wide Plan: A comprehensive strategy, investment/finance plan and spatial plan for reaching these goals
    • MRV: System for monitoring, reporting and verifying progress toward goals
  • Optional Recommended Actions See more
    • Integrated incentive system: Public policies, public programs
    • Private partnerships, and finance favoring land-use systems consistent with Goals
    • Indigenous Peoples and Local Community Plan: For recognizing and implementing the Guiding Principles for IP/LC partnerships and supporting community enterprises
    • Sustainable Agriculture Plan: For supporting the transition of farm sectors to sustainable, low-carbon production system with new market opportunities
    • Multi-sector Governance Structure: For implementing the jurisdictional plan
    • Transparency & Efficiency Plan: A plan for making it easier and less risky to do business, reducing red-tape, increasing efficiency
    • Fire Detection & Prevention Plan: For preventing, detecting and controlling fire
  • Timeline: Required Actions confer [2] years of Champion status, which can be further extended through Results



Champions are places safe for investment where government, people and producers have transitioned to sustainable livelihoods and a healthier planet




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